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About Us.

In today’s marketplace, flexibility, efficiency, and maximizing your resources are critical to your business and your meeting’s success.

AMP is a select group of highly experienced independent meeting and event professionals who have aligned their resources and expertise to introduce a new business model. We are individual entrepreneurs who bring a comprehensive and strategic business approach to planning your meetings and events.

Entrust us with your entire project or hire us as support staff … we become an extension of your team. We free up your valuable time and bring you backstage for access to cutting edge industry resources.

Why Choose AMP?

AMP is an outgrowth of a few accomplished meeting professionals who came together to discuss industry “best practices” for independent planners. Over the years, we have grown slowly and steadily with the objective of focusing on educational content and cooperative effort versus organizational growth. We have maintained a working environment of trust and integrity for more than fifteen years. This is highly unusual among competing entities. 

This is AMP at its best, and what makes us uniquely qualified to be of service to you. 

Our core values include:

As Individuals

As a Team

As Industry Leaders

Each AMP member is a mindful business entrepreneur and an accomplished meeting professional. 

Most members have 15 or more years experience in the industry and have earned the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) or Certificate of Meeting Management (CMM) designation, or hold advanced degrees in business and education. Each individual is established in the marketplace as an independent business owner who understands accountability, budget management, ROI, and the discipline it takes to manage meeting services.

This is where you, the client, benefit the most. The members of AMP have a proven track record of working together as a team to produce large meetings. And you benefit by capitalizing on the multi-disciplinary resources within this seasoned group of professionals. Whether your upcoming meeting is a convention for 20,000 or an executive retreat for 20, AMP’s planning professionals represent a wide range of industry expertise.

As a combined group, we represent years of industry experience and involvement. We are actively involved in and maintain memberships in multiple industry organizations and support the work of organizations like the Convention Industry Council’s Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX).

There is no one like AMP.

Majority of our group are Certified Meeting Professionals (CMPs) and/or Certified Meeting Managers (CMMs)

Many of our members have:

  • held high positions in industry organizations such as MPI, PCMA, etc. 

  • spoken on industry topics for local, national and international platforms

  • served on industry leadership or nonprofit organization boards

  • held Faculty positions for colleges, universities and professional industry organizations.

  • published articles for professional industry and business publications

  • been the recipients of many awards and accolades such as MPI DFW Chapter Planner of the Year, Colleen Rickenbacher Leadership Award, Texas Meetings and Events Magazine’s Special Event Planner of the Year, DFW Chapter National Speakers Association’s Planner of the Year

We have the experience you need to AMP Up your next meeting or event and take it to the next level. Contact us today for your customized quote.

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